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Read Valentine’s Day in English or in Spanish. This bilingual text celebrates children’s love of the special people in their lives. Creating Valentine cards for those special people is a great way to express that love. The text of Valentine’s Day also helps young people recognize the love they receive from others through every day actions. Colorful mixed media illustrations create a cheerful atmosphere for the text. Enrichment activities are included in the back of the book in English and Spanish. They can be used in a classroom or home environment to promote learning through literature while reinforcing the importance of expressing love for special people in our lives.


CoverWhen Nana Says...

Leah Jane is a little girl with a big imagination, who is not quite ready for naptime. When Nana Says… brings readers along on Leah Jane’s adventure that lands her tucked in her comfy bed. Share this story with your preschooler and naptime might just become a lot more fun. When Nana Says… is the first book in the series Another Leah Jane Story, stories inspired by the real Leah Jane, a young girl, with a big imagination, a creative spirit, and a heart full of love. Watch for Leah Jane’s next adventure, coming soon.


Amazon Customer Review:

“Every grandmother who takes care of her grandchild should own this delightful book, which describes how Nana playfully yet firmly puts her imaginative grandchild down for a nap. This charming story is perfect to read to a small child cuddled under a favorite blanket before a nap, helping calm down those urges to topple blocks and race about wildly. The brilliantly hued illustrations are full of life and mixed media that might inspire a small child to sew. Not to be missed is the comforting presence of a menagerie of stuffed animals. This story importantly emphasizes imaginative play that a child can choose throughout the day. Do your mom a favor and give her this book the next time you drop your child off at her home!”












A rollicking romp through Halloween! Kids of all ages will recognize the sights, sounds, and wonder of Halloween. With a rhyming pattern that is fun and catching, interesting vocabulary, and fun sound words, children will want to read or hear this book over and over. Appropriate for Preschool through upper elementary school audiences. Written and illustrated by Hillsborough, North Carolina author/artist, Shannon Moore Fitzgerald, this book is a rocking good time! Besides the fun text and clever illustrations drawing the reader or listener in, there are lesson resources in the back of the book for teachers, parents, grandparents, homeschoolers, or care givers to springboard children’s learning and creativity. When you wrap learning in fun kids are hooked! Halloween is a magical time, so take advantage of it.



Amazon Customer Review:

“Fabulous book for students of all ages! I used Halloween Night as a mentor text with my Kindergarten class. Students loved the poem and could easily draw upon the beautiful artwork to make connections to their own schema. The author provides easy to follow directions and templates that can be used by teachers or parents to create a Halloween quilt int eh back of the book. In pairs my students created quilt squares to accompany a class book based upon Halloween Night. They loved the activity! I will be adding this book to my Fall lesson plans each year!!
**I also sent a copy of the book to my nieces and nephews who gave it wonderful reviews! A fantastic gift for a child of any age!”















Heartwarming story of one Elementary school teacher’s solution to reduce test anxiety for her students; a strategy that can be used in any classroom. Appropriate read aloud for all grades 3-8.


Amazon Customer Review:

“Test anxiety is very real in our elementary classrooms due to high stakes testing. This book helps children deal with this anxiety by sticking together as a team and routing for each other. This is a charming and well-written story by a gifted story teller. The beautiful illustrations are very detailed by an amazing young girl. I highly recommend this book and author!”











Thanksgiving Weekend brings the focus of young listeners and readers to gratitude and giving thanks. Follow along a weekend of fun as we are reminded that we all have much to be thankful for and that we should express our gratitude throughout the year. This text celebrates family, friends, food and fun accompanied by cheerful illustrations. Enrichment activities follow the story which can be used in a classroom or home environment to promote learning through literature while reinforcing gratitude and giving thanks.


Link to Chapel Hill Snippets review:


Amazon Customer Review:

“I find this book extremely helpful for young learners both in the classroom and at home. At the back of the book there are resources to help children work through the ideas of gratitude and thankfulness. These resources include several great ideas on how to integrate the idea of gratitude with math, writing, poetry, and art. This book is amazing at teaching youngsters about the important aspects of Thanksgiving!”











Written by Bonnie Kirk, Illustrated by Shannon Moore Fitzgerald

Every grown up deserves picture books in their life! Epiphany is for adults and your favorite young people. The illustrations were created with the intuitive painting process I use in my artwork, rather than the mixed media process I use when illustrating children’s books, so Epiphany is full of paintings!


Join the narrator as she greets the day and has “Day” come alive. Together, they share in the beauty that each day has to offer. Created as a peaceful devotional, EPIPHANY is a richly illustrated journey of transformation, of awakening to our heart’s desire, living simply with the Earth and its cycles.