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Shannon Moore Fitzgerald is a Creative Explorer and Entrepreneur. She loves creating high vibrational intuitive paintings and creating unique original mixed media artwork. Shannon is also a passionate writer/illustrator of children’s books. Being a former Elementary School teacher and child care provider she enjoys visiting schools and groups to share her books as well as her passion for writing and creating. Shannon enjoys a SoulCollage® practice of her own and strives to share her love of SoulCollage® with others through Funshops and Salons. SoulCollage is a fun and wonderful tool to deepen your connection to your inner self. Shannon is also a Reiki Practitioner at the Master Level and a QCE level II practitioner. Her studio is in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; @boldmovesstudio

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All artwork on this site are created by Shannon Moore Fitzgerald and are copyrighted to her unless otherwise credited. Any use or reproduction of these illustrations is prohibited unless with expressed written permission from the artist.